The Victor Pineda Foundation

A Vision for the Future

This podcast was initiated by the Victor Pineda Foundation in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the University of California Berkeley. This multi-media endeavor features podcasts, blogs and a video series. It highlights critical themes with technology governance and aims to be a catalyst for the creation of new partnerships for bold collective action.

Articles summarizing each podcast are published on partner platforms including the WEF’s Newsletter “The Agenda”. Each article includes mixed media to engage readers/listeners on an emotional level. Shareable soundbites will complement each article/podcast post.

“Our goal is to make sure that we, as a global network of cities, usher in the future together, taking everyone’s needs and unique circumstances into consideration.”

Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda
Host of the Future We Need Series

Founded by a network of local and international organizations and a network of volunteers, the House Of Balance (HOB) is a community-focused, non-commercial, not-for-profit initiative. Our impact focuses on empowering family offices, public officials, institutional and corporate leaders and innovators to fund, scale and accelerate a transition to a more sustainable and inclusive future.

  • HOB Davos accelerates authentic relationships between investors, change makers and impact entrepreneurs.
  • HOB participants create valuable partnerships through interactive dialogue and experiential learning.
  • HOB is a non-commercial, not-for-profit initiative focused on building a sustainable and inclusive future.
  • Ideal for individuals committed to impact, HOB empowers leaders to fund and accelerate transition to a better future.
  • Program focuses on inclusive smart cities, assistive technologies, financial solutions for SDG impact, and more.


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